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Welcome to Anthology Project 360, a collection of XBLIG 360 games published by Squarebananas Indie Games.

8-in-1 Games Collection

The games included in this collection are as follows:

  • Avatar Eras Online (2016)
    • Avatar Eras Online is a multiplayer RPG. Choose a class and level your avatar while developing the skills that you choose. Complete quests/challenges to obtain rewards and new equipment. Create high quality items by learning a craft and train your own pets. Form teams and trade items with fellow adventurers while making your way up the rankings to become the greatest avatar across the eras.
  • Concept Coaster Craft (2012)
    • Design, build and ride your very own roller coasters. Choose between a wide variety of different carriages & environments and also paint the track as you like. Once you are happy with your roller coaster you can then share it with the world. Roller coasters others have shared will also be available for you to download, ride and rate.
  • Extreme Jogging (2011)
    • Take jogging to the next level with Extreme Jogging. Compete across 10 action-packed stages on the global highscore board to become the greatest jogger in the world.
  • Avatar Adventurers Online (2011)
    • Avatar Adventurers is a multiplayer online RPG. Develop your avatar by levelling your character and obtaining new equipment. Battle formidable beasts, complete quests and take on missions across three vast continents. Communicate with fellow adventures, form experience parties and trade items. Join the online adventure today!
  • Impossibly Dodgeable (2010)
    • A vast mass of obstacles are between you and the finish line. Can you dodge the impossible and make your way to outer space?
  • Angry Brainless Bovines (2010)
    • Out run the Bovines and take back your Milk!
  • RC Helicopter Sim (2010)
    • Take on the challenge and become a master of remote control Helicopter flying!
  • Shake (2010)
    • Just bash the buttons & spin the sticks and send your Cola Can through the stratosphere.

New Features

Each game remains close to its original form with only minor changes where necessary. Also many new features have been added and include:

  • Online Net Play (replacing XBL) allows online play using either public or private servers
  • A friends list to manage friends and in-game preset phrases for non-friends
  • Events schedule system to assist gathering players to join future online game events
  • Cloud integration provides an always online service for the following features
    • Avatar Eras Online records, rankings, challenges & player market items
    • Concept Coaster Craft track sharing & ratings
    • Extreme Jogging highscores
  • Awards that can be achieved by completing objectives in each game
  • New block style characters (replacing avatars) with customisation options
  • Keyboard configuration to simulate controller input (controller use is recommended as each game remains optimised for controller play)
  • Automated save backups

Get Auto Updates With The itch.io App

We recommend installing the itch.io app (https://itch.io/app) and then installing the game through that. Doing this will provide auto updates whenever a new version of the game is available. Alternatively you can use the direct downloads below, however these will not auto update.


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